Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza with Chicagoland Craft Beer

Being from Chicago,there’s many ways to eat pizza.  There is, however, only one RIGHT way to eat pizza and that is Chicago Style Deep Dish.  Not just any deep dish, there’s science and an art to make the perfect pizza.  

The Crust

Corn meal Cornmeal is a necessary addition to the dough, but too much will alter the flavor and change the color.  1/3 cup per pizza gives it a nice balance.

Don’t add too much flour The secret to a good pizza dough is to add oil when kneading instead of piling on the flour.

The Sauce

Simmer your sauce  The sauce will have a much better consistency if you take the time to cook the spices together and ultimately thicken your sauce.

Understand the spices Play around with the spices being used.  What kind of sauce do you like?  Sweet, garlicy, salty?


Chicago-Style Deep Dish Beer Pizza

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